1969-70 Austin A35 £35 Sold to guy in the 'Admiralty Tavern' for £25 (unseen!)
1970 Triumph Herald £30 Sold to Maggie for £30 (?)
1970- 71 Hillman Minx £55

Sold in Birkenhead for £45

1973 Mini Traveller Traded in

Austin 1800

Brilliant vehicle - spacious, confortable, reliable, quiet, cheap to run
1979 Mini First new car, burnt out an exhaust valve (dodgy part?)
1982 Metro Bigger than the mini, but not very good!
1984 Austin Ambassador Cheap - a parts bin special, a bitlike the 1800, but gutless.
1986 Renault 18 Cheap - end of run. Reliable, powerful, improved by rear spring strengtheners!
1990 Vauxhall Cavalier Company car. Outstanding in every way.
1993 Landrover Discovery 200 series: very noisy but pulled like a train. Excellent off-road, rolled a bit on-road!
1996 Landrover Discovery 300 series: quieter, better handloing on-road...worse off-road.
2000 Landrover Discovery

TD5II - more sophistication, less practical!

2003 Landrover Discovery TD5II - the same car, but better made. Very cheap and with lots of good stuff. End of run
2008 Citroen Berlingo Confortable, fast enough, good caravan tug, economical other than on tyres. Very practical.