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Josie018.jpg (30334 bytes) We came by Josie almost by accident.  We were looking for a puppy, but, having tried various rescue organisations without success, we went to a 'puppy farm'.  When we got there, a demo was in progress.  We were approached and asked not to go in.  We explained that we had tried to adopt an abandoned dog, and that we intended to continue.  At this point, Geraldine Forehead was called and explained that she had a newly arrived litter, which she thought were Shelties.  The rest is history.
Josie019.jpg (37007 bytes)
Josie001.jpg (28913 bytes) As you can see, she was quite black as a puppy, with some curls in her hair and a curly tail - we thought she might be a poodle-cross.  As she grew we realised that she was actually a Beardie-cross - with all the daft behaviours of that breed.  She remained a puppy at heart until she was 8, after which she slowed down a bit!  Having done her vaccinations, the vet wrote 'grey/white' on her record card (he seemed to know his stuff!).  This is Josie after a bath.  She had very fine, long hair, without any under-fur - if you combed it, you could see her skin.  Newly washed and combed out, it would float in the air when she ran.  Mind you it was an interesting job giving her a bath!
Josie002.jpg (26773 bytes)
Josie005.jpg (35263 bytes) I never realised what a posey dog she was until I tried to photograph Rosie in the same way.  You could sit Josie anywhere (these shots with the fence show her on a picnic table) and she would look straight into the lens.
Josie004.jpg (33130 bytes) Although nominally grey, she tended to pick up on her surroundings.  Here for instance, she fits quite well with the brown carpet (less hoovering!).
Josie006.jpg (27840 bytes) You really need to click on this one to see her idea of a comfortable way to lie down!  Click here to continue, or here to return to the home page.