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This is Rosie as we first met her.  Her name then was Buffy  .  .  .  I suppose St Marie might not be too bad, but we couldn't cope with a vampire slayer.  We looked at Scruffy, Wuffy, Duffy, Toughie, but ended up with a rhyme with our previous dog, Josie.  This of course also rhymes with Nosey (very appropriate), Dosey (hardly ever) and Cosy (more like it), but Rosie goes with the demonic look in her eyes!

Rosie0903004.jpg (20787 bytes) Here's Rosie at home.  Still early days, but sits to order and responds to her new name (and indeed anything else that's shouted in the same way!).
Rosie0903005.jpg (38303 bytes) Rosie enjoys getting into a tangle and eats everything . . . and then throws it up again.  Do they grow out of this behaviour?

Rosie0903006.jpg (64084 bytes) Just to prove she's not a vampire, here's one showing her shadow!
Rosie0903001.jpg (45977 bytes) Rosie is a very long dog.  In fact she could be a Dachsund if she didn't have Pointer colours on a Greyhound's body, a Collie's tail and a Besanji's head!
Rosie0903002.jpg (33986 bytes) Out and about - and still tangled up.  She must have been a kitten in a previous life.

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