Rosie's visit to the Peak District

Rosie_Hollins.jpg (23030 bytes) Above is the view of the ridge above our campsite.  Hollins Cross is the lump in the middle.  Rosie seems to be studying it hard.
Rosie_StoneB1.jpg (57366 bytes) This is the bridge across Grindsbrook in Edale village.  Rosie is giving it some consideration  .  .  .
Rosie_StoneB2.jpg (58222 bytes) Now she's checking the river  .  .  . Rosie_StoneB3.jpg (62273 bytes) "If this is safe, why aren't you coming across?"
Rosie_WoodB1.jpg (45330 bytes) "Oh, another bridge - not a problem" Rosie_Plank1.jpg (51784 bytes) "Now you're taking the mickey!" Rosie_Plank2.jpg (50115 bytes)
Rosie_Pavement.jpg (35615 bytes) .  .  .  and then we went up  Rosie_Grinds1.jpg (35022 bytes) .  .  .  and up TopofGrindsbrook.jpg (55948 bytes)
Kinder_Grinds.jpg (42130 bytes) "So this is what we came up for!"
Rosie_Horse.jpg (35794 bytes) When we came down we found the caravan had become a windbreak  .  .  .  for horses!
Rosie_Caravan.jpg (30466 bytes) Time for a noddy (did I mention about us failing to walk on water - yawn).

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