Ellen Matilda Hanson - her journal
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Feb: 13th Friday

Time flies & when I get home there always seems so many things to do this book is forgotten.  Enemy action over England has been very slight.  however since the last entry here Japan has start & Singapore has been invaded  we lost 3 big Ship the Repulse Prince George & the Ark Royal.  on the Ark Royal was a complement of 16 or 18000 men. & only 2 were lost & they need not have been  I’ve met a man from that ship & he said one lost his head & jump to a destroyer & lost his life  the other an old pensioner was asleep & refuse to move.  on Nov 26th Lionel was married.  Father & I went up to Kensington to see him married  Father is definitely stationed back at Hilsea unless there is an invasion then he will be moved I’ll not say where in case that happens & a Jerry should get hold of this book.  David is still in the Middle East.  he remitted £10 to me last week.  I expect £5 is for a wedding present for Lionel the same as he gave Margaret & Joan  I’m still working at Catherington Cottage & Margaret in Petersfield  Der has moved to Chatham & is going on an M.V. course at Brighton for 3 months so he & Mag will be able to spend week-end together  Rationing is being tightened 2 oz tea 2 oz cheese except farm workers 2 oz Butter 4 marg 2 lard.  ½ sugar n. 1lb jam per month all tin food sold on points approp: a lge tin of salmon a month. & it may be pos to get a tin of meat. which takes all p’ts.  now tin fruit & tomatoes also cereal such as Rice split peas Beans etc also soap one can have 3 ozs toilet soap or 6 ozs household.  no wrapping any other article oh & 1/- worth of meat per person per week & one doesn’t get much fore one shilling  cant get olive oil oranges or bananas.  a few orange come over and are distributed between the children under 7 yrs.  clothes are also Rationed  2 coupons for 1 pair of stockings 5 shoes. 18 great coat 7 cotton frock of 14 woollen 3 vest 2 knickers 5 petticoat & one only gets 60 a year & in June they are being cut again  well who worries as long as we get the devils beaten  it’s not so bad as it sounds really only needs a bit more thought