Ellen Matilda Hanson - her journal
Go to: [53rd page – December 1954/January 1955, in pencil]

must move myself now & get ready for Joan & the boys who are supposed to be coming early this morning but its now 10 cl:  I just wonder what time they’ll get here  just in time for lunch I guess  ah well never mind  Im hoping to keep my New Year Resulution in 1955 but I wonder if I shall Whether is the bad weather we have had so continually old age creeping on or that Im really feeling ill  I dont know only that I’m terribly depressed & could weep at the least thing & dont feel a bit happy  would like to go to bed for a week and be made a fuss of completely

Jan 4th 1955   now I must try & remember from the last date.  only Richard & Roger came over  Joan had to stay in for the Gasman to fit her Gas stove  I was furious because I felt so ill it would have been a pleasure not to have had to think & get a meal ready for a family & had Joan come it would have helped me mentally to have confided in some one  However I’ve got over that fearsome spasm  not yet feeling too good but definitely better  now the snow is falling fast & settling  may be we’ll get some better weather soon  had a very quiet Xmas just Dick & I sorry I was such a bugbear  however I went down the pub with Dick New Years Eve & see the New Year in  it wasn’t so special  I’d have rather stayed indoors  thank goodness the cockerels are gone  Mrs Bonham C. wrote me a long letter telling me her trouble & ask me to keep them as confidential so I’ll not remark on them  the Col is in bed & Daphne has had another baby daughter on the 20th Dec  I expect to go over to lunch with her as soon as weather permits  I shant get the Telephone in this weather  wish Id had it when we first came here  that was Dick put me off  I should have thought of myself a bit more.  too late now to moan.  Mrs Shakespear gave me a very nice Diary for Xmas so I’ll enter things there 1st Jan 1955