Ellen Matilda Hanson - her journal
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Jan 9th 1957
A very wet start to this year but not cold.  had a quiet Xmas day but Boxing Day Joan & Boys came up  also the Bevis’s [?] for a drink after tea  said its late and I seem to have had company or gone out a lot  tomorrow is Ianthe’s Birthday tomorrow  we are invited for Tea on Sat: so will go  I wish they would think of asking Joan & Boys  however I think all he wants is his own folk  a bit disappointing because it would make one and all more happy  I know it would me  Im beginning to feel Im not wanted myself now. as regards to Marg:  Joan & Boys start school next week so I’ll not be seeing them so often  weekend one or other always comes up unless weather too bad. 

 Oct 10th  A very wonderful month as regards weather  very warm & dry but heavy mist morn & evening  no fires yet just the electric one at times in evening  a good thing for coal is so expensive and very very bad at that  9 to 10 pound a ton  Electricity is clean but cheaper to be able to turn on & off. as needed
Russia has the first satellite Circling the earth. at a tremendous rate  seems to pass over the same spot once every 12 hr’s about 11 pm & 5 Am.  it may last a month before disintegrating itself  maybe the earth will be burnt up before this is read  who knows  the world is in a terrific mess all around
[now in blue ball-point]
Dec 16th 57.  have lost interest in writing up this Book.  the Russians have sent up an Earth Satellite last sept or oct:  the Rocket is down but as far as I know the satellite is still circling the earth miles& miles up.  however Xmas is again on us  I havent been to the shops so am sending each kid & parents 10/- each & I was saying to Dick last night how very very pleased we would have been had our parents been able to send us money like it at