Ellen Matilda Hanson - her journal
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this time of year  it would have been a Godsend  now I wonder if they will appreciate it as much  I dont think so  Dick & I expect to spend Christmas alone  we could go to Derwents but just couldn’t and leave Joan & Boys on their own.  Why can’t they make  the effort & have us all  its only a matter of conveying Joan & two boys  Richard has his Byke but they‘ve never asked Joan or Boys there so we feel we must refuse  Margaret will have her Brother there why worry.  the weather is more seasonable than I’ve known it for years  no snow here but big frosts & very cold.  the sun Shining brightly Today.

March 25th 58  a bright cold windy day. Frost wind for 3 weeks  the ground is as hard as can be  Im very disappointed in all  I just cannot write what I feel  Dick isn’t interested in anything  material Im buying for the warm weather  Maybe I’ll be able to forget What might have been but all too late.  Easter only another 2 weeks aways.

OcT 3rd  Last month was Dick’s lucky month  he started off winning £100  of course that was lucky for me too  he had a day off and we went shopping  he bought me a very nice eternity ring  the best I’ve ever had and Im thrilled with it  he also wanted to buy me a costume but nothing fits me  I’ll have to have one made later  he bought himself a Mac & shoes  quite a day   lunched out which is a treat to me  Im very busy at present  Another woman & I have started a Good Companion Club for the not so young in the Village  So far we are doing well.  as Im Sec: and am doing most of the Treasurer job but we’ll get going and have a proper Treasurer soon I hope  its marvellous what can be done with a little hard work & thought  about 30 members Started on Sept 4th  the Hall paid for for one year [illegible] and we made about 10-0-0: so far.  we want to get an Xmas party for the members free if poss.  the wettest summer I’ve know  the Ground hasn’t dried up all the Summer and is now like a Quagmire and still raining also blowing hard