These are the snapshots selected by Karl and displayed in the house after the funeral
A college dinner. Margaret is seated opposite her flat-mate Barbara (from Macclesfield) and in the company of Michael Caine and Sigmund Freud We think at an NUS conference (Jack Straw was then president). Maggie seems to be reading a newspaper, while her colleague is wearing the obligatory glasses (Buddy H?)
Maggie was always fond of minis. This one is parked where our house is now. When I met her she owned a con-vertible one (where are you now KAA 733 - a brown stain, somewhere, I think! )

Here we are, newly-weds, outside the Raby Mere Hotel, Bebington, Wirral, in 1971. I thought Maggie looked rather smart in her 'trouser suit'. She also had a glossy red plasticised coat!

From L to R: Judith (my cousin), Geoff (her then husband), Maggie, Me, and Yvonne (Maggie's Aunt). She looks quite pleased in spite of my attire. My favourite picture of Maggie, taken with available light on our Canon AE1 (and out of focus according to Karl!) but doesn't she look pleased with herself!
Maggie with Karl (my guess) or Evan (Karl's guess). My case is that if it was Evan, Karl would have been in the picture. But, hey, who cares! She liked babies . . .
. . . to the end. Maggie with Jimmy, our neighbours Ray and Ange's grandchild, 4 days before she died. She hated being photographed, Here at a Scout band camp at Gilwell Park she has been trapped while cooking on an open fire (no, not her, some food . . . )

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