These are the snapshots selected by Karl and displayed in the house after the funeral (page 2)
Bebington, probably at one of the innumerable parties we had to suffer (!) before we could leave. The lady is Davinia who was very scouse, and a delightful person. A (slightly) posed shot of Maggie knocking down my Grandparents' shack. The brickwork in front of her was the chimney stack - everything else was timber.
Maggie in the South Western-est part of the footings of our new house on my Grandparents' plot. It would never have been built without her drive. I don't know where or when this is, but think she looks very fetching and of about this time.
When Maggie went back full-time after Evan started school, she worked at Crookhorn, where Steve Grant ran the staff skiing trip every year (and still does!). She loved it (but not being photographed!) despite being knocked unconscious by a Japanese lady on her first attempt.
Here she is with (L to R) Dickie Dawe, Steve Grant, Evan, and ? Brian ?, who was, I think, a security guard. We once went en famille, although I didn't ski. She was so pleased to share this pleasure with the boys.
She hated this picture. I claimed it showed that owners grew to look like their dogs! But she loved Josie (and all our dogs) . . . . . . to the end. Here she is with Rosie, our present dog - a rescue from Swansea, a dog of character, and . . . a bit long!

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