These are the snapshots selected by Karl and displayed in the house after the funeral (page 3)
Maggie looking suitably impish in the company of her new head of department at Portchester. She felt she should have got the job, but the failure propelled her into her real vocation. I guess at one of the Portchester shows. You'd never guess she didn't like being photographed, would you?!
When Yvonne (her aunt) died in 1993 she resolved that she did not want to die rich, but to enjoy the money while she could. We bought a 32 foot yacht. It was nice . . . but frightening! Unfortunately, Maggie contracted rheumatoid arthritis, which prevented her from working the boat and leaping on and off her, but NEVER from going to work
I don't know when this was taken, but obviously fairly recently. Doesn't she look good? Maggie planned a woodland burial, and here is her grave. I think the flowers were placed by Heather, our cleaner, despite our requests (Maggie would have admired her independent spirit).
Sadly my camera and the conditions do not do justice to this view, which includes the Nab Tower and several ships, in the distance.  
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