Inside …

Here’s Maggie in the lounge, in 2006, comfortably ensconced before the wood-burner with Rosie at her feet. We seem to have a bottle of wine, err, each … Things have, of course, moved on over the intervening years – see below.

A new wood burner, new furniture, a TV projector with a 2 metre-plus screen, satellite PVR and a reasonable sound system, You need a degree in remote control-ology to work it all, of course, but instructions are available … Oh, is that bottle of wine still there?

The dining room: if I’m around then, hopefully, we’ll recreate this scene! Present on this occasion, my cousins Sharon and Judith, their husbands, Bernie and Frank, myself and my French neighbours, Gilles and Brigitte.

The kitchen is a work in progress – here’s what is planned

Here’s a drawing of the layout. I haven’t figured out a way of adequately photographing the bedrooms/bathrooms, but they are fairly roomy and contain the things you would expect. The ‘games’ include a slightly bendy bar-billiards table, a dartboard, a rowing machine, lots of board games and some books and jigsaw puzzles. There is also a combination single/twin/double bed in this room in case of need.