[The first page of the book lists her wedding guests and their gifts, and other weddings…]

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Married September 20th 1915.  St. Thomas’s. Winchester.
Bandsmen, silver meat forks & coffee cups & saucers
Sergt Major & Mrs Edward apostle tea spoon & tongs
Spicer – teaspoons & tongs
Ethel Morgan – Oak bread board & knife
Derwent Bavage. cruet

Mother & Father pr glass salt cellars. & Dessert spoons
Annie   Dress (Brown Poplin)

A. A. I. Purvis
Married Feb 3rd 1920.  .  St Thomas Church Winchester.

R. A. Burnham
Married. April 29th 1920. Registry Office. Winchester

H. G. Cooper Married June 19th 1920.  Martyr’s Worthy. Nr Winchester