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Cooking Recipes

Cocoanut Jumbles
¼ lb desicated Cocoa nut
½ teacupful of sugar
one table sp: of Flour
1 Egg.
Beat up the Egg.  then add the Sugar & afterwards the desicated cocoanut & Flour,  Place in Small heaps on a greased tin & bake about 15 minutes in a moderate oven.

Brandy Snap
First oil a baking sheet or twoo ready for the snap
Put into an enamelled saucepan 2 ounces of brown sugar, 2 ozs treacle & let them dissolve
Add 2 ozs Flour 2 ozs of butter on teasp: ground ginger
juice of 1 lemon  Cook altogether but do not boil
Place on prepared tin in several heaps some
distance apart & bake in hot oven

Turkish Delight
Take 1 oz Nelsons [?] Gelatine 2 pounds of loaf sugar
juice of 2 lemons or other Flavouring
Soak the gelatine for 2 hrs in a teacupful of water
boil the sugar & one teacupful of water for ten minutes
pour it over the Gelatine & add the flavouring  Pour
into well buttered soup plates, When cold
cut in Squares & roll in icing sugar  It is
best made a week before required   part of it
can be coloured if preferred.

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Cocoa nut pyramids
One pound desiccated Cocoanut (medium)
½ lb castor sugar 2 whites of eggs a few drops
of cochineal 1 tablesp: milk
Mix the cocoanut & sugar together in a basin  whip
the Whites of egg to a froth & add them to Cocoanut
& sugar as well as the milk  put in Saucepan
& stir until nearly boiling point then divide into
equal part & colour one a pale pink the other remaininhg
White  shape into small pyramids & put into a hot
oven for 5 minutes  allow to get quite cold & then
they are ready for use

Dark Cake
1 pound Flour  1lb Currant  2 ozs lemon [?] peel 
4 ozs lard or butter one teasp treacle one tea Carbonated
soda one teasp: Cream of Tartar one egg a few almonds a
little milk,
Rub butter into Flour add Carbonated Soda Cream of Tartar
Currants & peel.  mix well together then add
treacle a few Almonds grated  beat egg & add to
milk  mix well  Bake in a quick oven for 1 hour

Icing with loaf sugar
One pound lump Sugar  half tea cup of water Boil
the sugar & water together for 10 minutes  skim carefully
turn the syrup into a basin  stir till it commence.
to thicken & turn White  Stand the Cake on a jar
& the jar on a plate  pour the icing over  Sprinkle
coarse white Sugar over or Silver Sweets for

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Walnut Ketchup
Take 2 Sieves of Green Walnut Shells & mix
well with 2lbs of salt  let stand for 6 days
Frequently Stirring them as they will then be
pulpy  Well drain the liquor off & allow it
to simmer in an iron boiler as long as
any Scum arise  Bruise a ¼ lb ginger
then same quantity of all spice  2 ozs
of [illegible] pepper & 2 ozs cloves  Let it boil
slowly for ½ an hour & then bottle putting
a little spice in each  cork well & leave
for 1 year