Family & Friends

[The second page of the book has information on family and friends]

Mother Died Feb 12th 1919
Buried West Hill Cemetery Winch:
Mother Sept: 17 1862
Henry George Dec 27th 1890
Annie Amelia I Nov 10th 1896
Fredrick Maurice Aug 25th 1904
Mother Dec 2nd
Dave Dec 8th
Fanny Oct 7th 1886
Albert Jan 8th
Doris [?] April 16 or 17
David George Woodley Nov 5th 1911
Amy Florence Moody April 19th
Rose Eleanor Barnes. March
Elsie Maude Saunder’s Feb 19th 1891

Father July 16th 1860
Ellen Matilda Aug 7th 1893
{Rhoda Alfritha Oct 14th 1899 1901}
{Fredrick Burnham. married April    }
{29th 1920                                        }
Tom Nov 12th
Alice June 13th
Charles James June 8th 1895
William Dec 10th 1896
Charles Fredrick Woodley Sept 27 1916
Francis Clara Woodley 8th June 1914
{Derwent John Bavage Aug 23rd 1892                    }
{Killed in action Died August 28th 1917                  }
{Buried Hargicourt Quarry Cemetery Sept 1st 1917}

David Richard James Cooper Hanson Sept 20th 1916
Amber Clodagh Joan Cooper Hanson
Derwent George Cooper Hanson Sept 8th 1920

Ewart William Gladstone Purvis
married Annie Feb 3rd 1920